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For the curious, a bit more about me...

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I love my dog probably too much, and being out in nature makes me happy.

Hello! I am a Californian now living in Wisconsin (hello winter and snow!), I'm a new mom, I've transitioned my career a handful of times, I am passionate and dedicated to help empower women to find what bring them joy in life, and I am a certified professional coach. 

My career has been a roller coaster from working at a bakery, to a prestigious design firm in San Francisco, to a start-up, to being an entrepreneur and starting my own business…but the one reoccurring theme has always been my passion to help people. Which led me to leave the normal corporate 9-5 behind and pursue my next season in my career as a personal development coach; it brings me joy, daily inspiration, and fulfills my desire to help others find their passion and joys in life.

I’ve been drawn to working with women who are in a moment of change, a season in their life that is on the cusp of transition but often feel overwhelmed by “where do I start”, “what once worked for me, isn’t working for me now”, “I don’t know what I want but this isn’t it”. I get it, I was there.

After being let go from a high-level, fancy pants job, I remember sitting in the car with my husband, in tears of frustration, telling him how I am relieved to not be at that job but that I didn’t know what I wanted to do, all I knew was I wanted to help people, but I didn’t know how. Fast-forward, I’m at a coffee shop filling out my unemployment paperwork, I applied to tons of jobs I wasn’t thrilled about and knew I’d never hear back from, it suddenly hit me, I knew the one thing I love most in life is helping people. In my last job I loved helping my team find what they were passionate about, and helping them get to a place of contentment collided with the memory from years before when worked with a professional coach, who was helping me figure out my dissatisfaction with my career. Working with her was such a highlight to my day and me taking a stance in my career, she guided in working through my fears of “I’m not good enough” and the fear focused “what if’s” that crept in, she had brought me the empowerment and motivation that I seized and needed in my life. I knew then I wanted to be a coach in my future and help others the same way, and at that coffee shop I knew my moment was now.

So I took the leap, I did my research and choose iPEC for my coach training and went through the most impact and life-changing training of my life…which leads me where I am now working with women helping them find their passions, and being released of the fear that holds them back. I’ve been naturally drawn to women who are mom’s who are looking for more in their life, they want to have their own identity beyond being a mom and are looking for their next season in life; whether it be starting their own business or just finding that right balance between life and work. I’m working with women who are making a positive change in the world one moment at a time and who are discovering they already have the answer within, they just need a little help fighting through the mental chatter and regaining control of their lives and destiny.

I would love to meet you and talk with you about what your desires are for your life, your biggest dreams, and help you get there! YES, your biggest dreams are at your fingertips, you’re closer than you think you are, I can help you get there! I’ve been there we will do it together, I’ll always be your biggest champion and cheerleader.

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