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What is


Coaching is helping another person discover what brings them happiness, develop a realistic plan, 
and achieve your goals!


View coaching as "satisfied or very satisfied". Coaching is profoundly beneficial in the eyes of companies and individuals who hire a coach. 96% state "they'd repeat the process".

- ICF Global Coaching Client Study

Together we'll partner and go on a thought-provoking and creative journey that will inspire you to push your boundaries and maximize your potential. Coaching isn't one-size-fits-all, each client is unique and there are always different ways to accomplish your goals.

Together we'll explore what works best for you, coaching is a fluid process and you'll achieve great things!

Coaching isn't consulting, mentoring, training, therapy, or a best friend. 

  • A consultant improves situations; coaches improve people

  • A mentor says, "follow me." A coach reveals where the client is standing on the map and asks, "where shall we go next?"

  • A trainer is a curriculum focused; coaching is client-focused.

  • A therapist examines the past to help a client cope with the present. Coaching builds on the present to create the future.

  • A best friend has opinions and an agenda. A coach has a process.

Does coaching work?

Clients often continue with coaching if they remain satisfied with their progress and enjoy the benefits of the relationship. This is something else that sets coaching apart from consulting – it’s a relationship rather than a transaction. Instead of working to solve just one set of problems as a consultant, a coach helps clients navigate the totality of their personal and/or professional world. That is what makes it extremely satisfying for both the client and the coach.


When a coachee works with a coach, they gain self-awareness and a fresh perspective on their personal challenges, ultimately improving their:

  • Self-confidence​

  • Relationships

  • Communication skills

  • Life/Work Balance

What They Are Saying

"​Vera is a coach unlike any other. There is a calm and comfort about her that allows me to open up every time she and I chat. Her soothing voice acknowledges my stances, never making me feel undervalued. Moreover, she truly has a knack for seeing and hearing beyond the words. She recognizes when my thoughts or feelings are foggy. Best of all, her interpretations and observations during these times are spot on or they help me become aware of other blocks that I have been avoiding. If you are looking for a breakthrough, going through a life change or needing to up level, look no further. Vera is your coach!" ~ Coua

"Working with Vera is a wonderful experience. She creates a space in the conversation for vulnerability and honest self-reflection. There is always a great exchange of thoughts and ideas which makes our work together all that much more interesting to me. I am always left with motivating thoughts and ideas to keep me going on my path of exploration." ~ Amy

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